Remarkable Elevation in Mobile Travel Bookings

Technology is getting advanced in a swift pace and the dynamics of travel industries are changing as the guests are booking their hotel rooms directly. Most of the travellers wish to make mobile bookings because of the user-friendly interface and easy access of information. In the near future, mobile will be a dominating booking channel for travellers as they have started using their mobile phones to book flights, hotel rooms, movie tickets etc.

A recent report on the travel industry highlights the expanded use of mobile devices in travel planning and purchasing. This report offers an intuition on both the share and value of bookings made from mobile devices for travel websites, including hotels, airlines, car rentals, apartments and cruises.

Global findings in the report:

  1. Mobile bookings are progressing in a faster way when compared to desktop.
  2. In the first six months of 2014, 20% of the bookings are made on mobile devices while just 2% of the bookingsare made on desktop.
  3. Smartphones and tablets elucidate 21% of hotel bookings.
  4. Peer-to-peer apartment rentals is the division with exorbitant mobile penetration (34% globally).
  5. The worth of mobile bookings is rising in all the areas except accommodation. The average booking value was 21% higher with air travels and 13% higher for rented cars. But it is 30% lower in case of hotel bookings on mobile devices.
  6. In-app bookings report about 12% of total mobile bookings.

Regional findings in the report:

  1. Asia Pacific escorts the way with more than 20% of travel bookings made on a mobile devices whereas Brazil and Germany stay behind with just 10% of mobile bookings.
  2. With 42% increase in travel bookings, Latin America possesses the significant seasonal growth for travel advertisers.
  3. Travel agency portals climbed up by 50% all over the season in US and Europe, but the average value of the bookings fell down by 19%.

As most of the consumers have smartphones or tablets in their hands today, travel marketers have to strategically think of developing a highly effective marketing experience which offers customer satisfaction (from ads to shopping carts).

4 simple things you should take care for not missing out mobile bookers:

  1. Build a responsive website: The first step is to develop a website which can be optimized for mobile users so as to suit their needs.
  2. Last-minute deals: Involve in last-minute promotions to entice last-minute customers as most of the travel portals do.
  3. Easy booking: Provide hassle-free booking for your customers by offering them with an option to book their rooms on their mobile devices and pay directly at the hotel.
  4. Easy termination policy: Offer easy cancellation /termination policy for last-minute bookers as customers love to flexible policies.

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