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Replace Your Car Keys with These Amazing Apple Watch Apps

28 May 2015

Denver: Apple Watch is the most personal product that allows you to make use of its size right on your wrist. Having various applications, you can go with the one which you feel is most relevant to you and create a customized experience. There are several Apple Watch apps for various purposes like social networks, airlines, departmental stores and what not! You can also control your car using some Apple Watch apps. Yes! There are some Apple Watch apps which act as a virtual remote to your car allowing you to control it right from your wrist.

Apple Watch is All Set to Strike in The Watch Industry

1 April 2015

Denver: Everybody know that the Apple Watch is set to be released very shortly; it’s seen as a different flavoured device, because from many of its incarnations, this is the time the device is expected to have less competition with Google and Microsoft. Watchmakers have seen several timepieces which just came and went with no effect in the market. But, the Apple is expected to take up even the watch industry as it did with the smartphones and personal computers.    

10 Fascinating Features of Apple Watch That Make You Feel the Worth of it!

12 March 2015

Denver: The Apple watch comes with a squared screen and it hasn’t gone with the round design as some of the users were hoping. The watch is set to come with three distinct collections and two different sizes. Apple Watch, Apple Watch Edition and Apple WatchSport are the three different editions where as the sizes are 38 mm and 42 mm. It is also being said that Apple Watch edition is plated 18 karat gold, while the Apple Watch is polished with black stainless steel, and the Apple Watch Sport with space grey.

Here are the 10 amazing features of an Apple Watch:

Effective Management of iCloud storage and iOS Device Backup!

25 February 2015

Denver: While the developers just think of iPhone app development, users are worried about the app storage, device backups and synchronization. Apple understands that the device backups will be useful only if the process is automatic and it’s done regularly. That is why the feature is backed by iOS and is being handled by iCloud. Before the existence of iCloud the method followed to back up an iOS device was, connecting it to a computer and synchronizing it with iTunes.

5 Compelling Reasons for Android 5.0 Lollipop Being Better than iOS8

9 February 2015

Denver: Battle in the mobile industry is common these days and every platform wants to have more attention from the customers. Likewise, iOS and Android are the two platforms which have been battling for years now. Recently Google released its new Android version called Lollipop and Apple released iOS 8. People are still not able to decide whether to go with Android Lollipop or with iOS 8. But we give a few solid reasons to say Android Lollipop 5.0 is much better than iOS 8.

Here are a few convincing reasons to say Android 5.0 Lollipop is better than iOS 8:


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