Main Features To Consider While Picking Your Next Android Phone

18 June 2015

Denver: We cannot specifically say that this is the best Android phone. There are lots of phones among which you can choose the one that best suits your needs. If any software is not working according to your expectations, you could give a try to change the most of it. But you cannot change some things like battery life and the feeling of holding the phone.

These days, the mobile processors are fast enough to do almost everything you would need to do, as 2/3 GB RAM has become a standard. Also, the displays are over engineered such that people started arguing that whether the human eyes can see those many pixels. Instead of worrying about unnecessary features, think of those that keep you happy until your next upgrade.

Here are some features that differ a lot from one phone to another:

  1. Battery: Battery performance is something you need to consider as a primary aspect while picking up a new phone. It’s been a problem since ages but it has not been solved yet. Few companies have improved the battery performance by introducing the massive one while the others try to make the efficient use of what they have. The benchmarks can help you in getting an idea of which phone is performing better with the battery. Quick chargers are also becoming quite common these days; these chargers can fill up the phone’s battery in much shorter amount of time. Make sure that your phone supports these quick chargers before you buy.
  2. Camera: Whenever the manufacturers promote their phones, they just tell about the megapixels of the camera which is barely relevant to the clarity. Performance of the camera is measured by how the device handles low light, how calibrated it is, extra processing done to the picture and several other aspects. The best way to judge a phone’s camera is an old-styled comparison. Of course, it also depends on how well you capture the pictures.
  3. Display: Many users have been discussing whether a 10580p display matters in a smartphone or not. Probably it doesn’t matter if your phone is smaller than 5 inches. However, these days most of the brands have gone ahead and are concentrating on larger smartphones. Making a good looking display is as complex as making a good camera. So instead of worrying about the specifications, just get into the local carrier and take a close look at the phones.
  4. Android OS updates: The OS updates are not as important as play services. Actually, by removing the compatibility framework and updating it separately, Google has made it possible for the users to have much of the same experience even on the older versions of the OS. However Android Lollipop is the latest version of Android OS.

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