Apple Watch is All Set to Strike in The Watch Industry

1 April 2015

Denver: Everybody know that the Apple Watch is set to be released very shortly; it’s seen as a different flavoured device, because from many of its incarnations, this is the time the device is expected to have less competition with Google and Microsoft. Watchmakers have seen several timepieces which just came and went with no effect in the market. But, the Apple is expected to take up even the watch industry as it did with the smartphones and personal computers.    

When the Apple just revealed their idea of introducing a smart watch, people started thinking of higher end watches and started seeing Apple Watch as a threat. There are several guesses hovering around the watch; many are saying that it would redefine the meaning of a watch and not to be wondered if it really happens. Apple has always kept up its reputation with its standard device quality.  

Apple Watch will be a game changer:

Apple Watch will be a real game changer in the watch industry; as soon as the news about the Apple Watch came out, high-end watch makers are thinking to change the entire course of their device. But by doing this, they might lose the jewellery aspect it’s having. As the digital watches flooded in 1980’s, Apple Watch seems to set another trend with its functionality.

But the thing is, it seems to be impossible to replicate Apple Watch as they use their own software and hardware services. A few devices in the market certainly try to compete with it. But it’s sure that the giant will be in the lead at least for a year or two. 

Apple Watch – Wrist computer?

What has made the device so popular before its release? It’s nothing but the powerful features of the Apple watch which has made it so very famous. It’s being said that the Apple Watch is almost a wrist computer. It performs several activities through an iPhone, allowing you to make some complex calculations. It’s not just an aviator’s watch but also a platform for applications.

Though the basic concept of the watch doesn’t change, it does a lot more than a normal watch. So definitely there will be a massive shift in the industry once it hits the market. As long as the device continues its operation properly like it has done with Apple Pay, Touch ID and other eco systems, No other competitors will be able to reach up to the level of Apple Watch.

The competitive advantage is quite clear; it’s the functionality of the watch that makes the difference. Have you ever seen a watch with which you can make or receive phone calls? Apple Watch does that! Not only that, the watch stands different from other wearable devices with many such features. 

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