6 Widely Used Programming Languages for Mobile Application Development

29 June 2015

Denver: Choosing an ideal programming language for mobile app development might seem to be a simple task; but with the continually growing tech world, it has become a crucial step for developers. So if you want to have a little more exposure to coding, here are a few important programming languages which you can take a look on.

  1. C: Being around for more than 3 decades, C has been the oldest and widely used programming language. The language is mainly used in embedding applications and operating systems. One main advantage of learning C is that it serves as the basic foundation for understanding other big languages like Java, C++ and Python. It has an easy-to-understand syntax which uses the keywords like main, goto and switch.
  2. Java: Java is an object oriented programming language that works to group the data and objects based on similar functions. Java is platform independent and has been the most popular language in the programming field. It is said to be a portable language as it can be used across different operating systems; so it’s always an in-demand language for programmers.
  3. C++: C++ is also an object oriented programming language which is best suited for low-level programming. The language works extremely fast and is used to build high-performance games and applications. It is also used to power major software applications like Mozilla and Adobe.
  4. Objective-C: If you are planning to build something for iPad or iPhone, Objective C will be of a great use to you. It is mainly used for building software apps for iOS platforms. Objective C is also a superset of C programming language which means that the syntax will be small, object oriented and easy-to-understand. One main advantage of Objective C is its dynamic binding which offers the flexibility of expressing the designs without any constraints.
  5. HTML5: HTML5 is a markup language which was built around the web applications. This method of coding actually has more descriptive semantics; one main issue with this language is that it doesn’t support Internet Explorer. Also, there are some licensing issues which often forces media to be compressed. If you can adjust with a bit of fickleness, HTML5 is certainly a best choice to be a primary language.
  6. Swift: Cocoa and Cocoa Touch are the two latest APIs of Apple. Swift is the language used to write the code for these APIs. According to Apple, the language has been written to work along with Objective C. Swift is actually designed to eradicate the security vulnerabilities possible with Objective C. If you are just in the beginning of iOS app development, Swift must be the starting point for you.

No matter whether you are interested in picking up a new skill or staring with the mobile development, the above mentioned languages are the great places to start with. Of course, the developers have a lot of languages to choose from, but these are the main languages that are typically being used.

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