6 Tips To Extend Your Apple Watch’s Battery Incredibly

21 July 2015

Denver: Battery life is definitely the main thing that bothers most of the electronic gadget users. Probably this could be the reason for Apple floating out some vital information on saving Apple Watch’s battery life. If you are an Apple Watch user, you might have already faced this problem of battery draining out faster. But here are few tips that could help you extend your Apple Watch’s battery considerably.

Keep your software updated: You would certainly be aware of this if you are an Apple Watch lover. However if you are not using the latest version of the Apple Watch software, the device might eat your battery very soon. So it’s advised to keep the software updated. Just open Apple Watch app on your iPhone, navigate to My Watch, then to General and tap on Software Update. This downloads the latest version of the app.

Power saving mode: Apple Watch comes with the power saving mode; using it wisely, you can save your battery life incredibly. There are some fitness freaks who would like to use heart rate sensor while working out at home or at the gym. Turning On the power saving mode during these times saves your battery from draining out soon. To enable Power Saving mode, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, navigate to My Watch and then to Workout where you can enable the Power Saving mode.

Use Bluetooth Chest Strap: A professional athlete would use the device’s heart rate sensor throughout the workout session. However it’s not advised to use the heart rate sensor for longer time as it consumes battery soon. So the fitness freaks can use a Bluetooth Chest Strap by pairing it with the Apple Watch. Go to settings on your Apple Watch, select Bluetooth and then choose your device’s name from the list.

Turn off Wrist Raise: Wrist Raise feature on your Apple Watch turns it on when the users just raise their hand to see the time. For some, it has become a habit to see the time quite often. So for their convenience, Apple has brought this feature of turning on the device when they lift their hand. But this feature burns the battery very soon and hence it’s advised to turn off the feature. Go to settings on your Apple Watch, navigate to General Settings and turn off the Wrist Raise function.

Power reserve mode: As said in the above point, it has become a habit for some people to see the time quite often. Such users can enable the Power Reserve mode if they raise their hand just to see the time. Power Reserve mode pushes all the functions on the Apple Watch to sleep mode and just displays the time for you. This extends the battery life significantly as the device consumes very low energy when it is in Power Reserve mode. Just press and hold the side button on your Apple Watch until the power off screen appears, and then enable the Power Saver mode.

No unnecessary notifications: Few users like to have the notifications of their social media accounts like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and others. They keep their notifications on all the while; this could drain your battery soon. So it’s better to turn off the notifications for social media accounts.

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