6 Alternatives You Need to Think of While Switching from iOS to Android

15 September 2015

Denver: Well, you have made your mind to switch from iOS to Android! It’s certainly not a bad call, but you need to understand that, switching from one platform to other is never an easy task and it could become a hassle sometimes. Even if you have grown accustomed to the new interface, you will have to go through a tedious task of finding the Android replacements for all your iPhone apps.

Here we have listed few major alternatives to think of while switching from iOS to Android.

  1. iMessage Alternative: iMessage is a messaging service that allows you to converse seamlessly across Apple devices. The most similar Android alternative for iMessage is the Google’s Hangouts. Same as iMessage, Hangouts blends SMS and internet based messaging while providing users a richer experience than just texting. WhatsApp, the largest third-party messaging platform can also serve you the purpose.
  2. FaceTime Alternative: If you are the one using video chatting service in iPhone, you will have to think of an alternative for FaceTime, the video chatting app available on iOS. Of course, there are several third party applications for video chatting on Android, but when it comes to the quality and cross-device compatibility, Hangouts is certainly the best choice. But the party at the other end also needs to have Hangouts installed on his/her device.
  3. Apple Music Alternative: On an iPhone, you purchase the music on iTunes and play it on Music app. But in Android, it is condensed into a single app called Google Play Music. Having a free version of Google Play Music, you will be able to upload almost 50,000 songs which can later be streamed to any compatible device so that it doesn’t take up the storage space on your phone.
  4. Siri Alternative: Siri is a virtual assistant available on iOS; if you are a fan of Siri and you are looking for a similar app on Android, Google Now could be the right choice. Google’s voice assistant aims at answering your questions even before you ask it by providing some predictive cards. You can also add Google Now page on your home page by just installing the Google Now launcher. This allows you to trigger a voice search by just saying “OK Google” anytime.
  5. iCloud Alternative: Storage space has been a major concern of users these days; they don’t just want to waste their space by storing the photos and videos that are less important. However, they use cloud storage solutions to store such photos and videos. So if you wish to have cloud storage solution on your Android device, Google Photos could be of a great help to you. The network based search function allows you to shift thousands of photos easily.
  6. Apple Maps Alternative: Apple Maps is one of the useful and functional tools helping iPhone users to reach their destinations easily. Google Maps is one such application providing navigational aids to the user regardless of the phone’s operating system.

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