10 Fascinating Features of Apple Watch That Make You Feel the Worth of it!

12 March 2015

Denver: The Apple watch comes with a squared screen and it hasn’t gone with the round design as some of the users were hoping. The watch is set to come with three distinct collections and two different sizes. Apple Watch, Apple Watch Edition and Apple WatchSport are the three different editions where as the sizes are 38 mm and 42 mm. It is also being said that Apple Watch edition is plated 18 karat gold, while the Apple Watch is polished with black stainless steel, and the Apple Watch Sport with space grey.

Here are the 10 amazing features of an Apple Watch:

  1. Apple Pay:Already the iPhone 6 users are making their payments in various stores that accept contactless payment. But now, the users can utilize this function even on iPhone 5 or later using Apple Watch. All you need to do is to double click the button next to dial and then you will hear a beep followed by a gentle pulse which confirms that the payment was made.
  2. Key replacement:Now, you don’t have to hunt for your room keys or car keys if you have an Apple Watch. The Watch can be used as a room key so that you can open the door with just a tap on your watch. It also lets you unlock your car with just a tap on the watch when you are close to the car.
  3. Novel digital crown:The main problem that the users come across in smart watches is their tiny displays. The tiny displays make it very hard to navigate to the apps. But this will not be the case in Apple Watch. It has a knob called digital crown on the right edge of the watch. This knob acts as a home button; pressing this button returns you to the main screen from where you can click on the required apps easily. 
  4. Fitness tracking: Apple Watch comes with a set of robust applications which lets you keep track of your health. An app called ‘Activity’ collects all your movements in a day. Whether standing, sitting or moving. It also prompts you to get up if you have been sitting for a long time. You can also set certain targets and goals; the watch also gives you the badges as reward for achieving your goals.  
  5. Full-fledged apps: The main complaint on the smart watch platforms is that they don’t support full-fledged applications. But Apple Watch offers support for full-fledged applications and it’s also being said that the developers will be able to create some fully native applications for the time piece. After all, Apple watch apps are the extensions of iPhone apps.
  6. Glances and actionable notifications: In addition to the support of full-fledged apps, they also provide you the alerts in the form of notifications and glances. Glances just refer to the read only notifications which do not require any actions to be performed. It can just be a reminder for any event or just a weather update. Tapping on the glance will open up the application which lets you perform more functions.
  7. Remote control functions: You don’t have to leave your couch to pick up your TV/music systems’ remote if you have an Apple watch. It can just be used as a remote control for your devices. You can easily skip through the music on your iPhone or to navigate through your Apple TV menu. It also lets you control the smart lights at your home (on/off).  
  8. Passbook integration: Using Apple Watch, you can easily pull up your air tickets, loyalty cards and boarding passes without even having to reach out for your phone. The app will also set an alert if you just enter the place where the discount or loyalty cards can be used.
  9. Digital touch communication: Apple Watch makes it much more fun to keep up with your close people. It comes with the digital touch feature using which you can draw any smiley or a heart and send it to your friend. You can also send the heart rate to your friend using its heart rate sensor. You can also use this feature to make watch to watch calls to your friends who have a wearable.
  10. Siri: Siri, the voice controlled assistant is now much more personalized. Having Siri on your wrist, you don’t have to lift your finger to check for messages or to compose a reply. It just acts like it was doing on an iPhone; but it’s advised to be tethered to a phone to get web powered search results.

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