Magento: A Robust and Responsive Platform for Mobile eCommerce World!

Today mobile eCommerce has become a trend and it is worth for about $200 billion, but still rising steadily at an exceptional rate. So, most of the companies are optimizing their websites for mobile; so the designers have to stay updated. Mobile eCommerce is more likely to become a supreme online shopping platform as Magento’s responsive design is seen as the optimal solution for it.  

Just a few years back, mobile eCommerce was not on the retailer’s radar. But now, in today’s world of modern technology, people are going mobile with their smartphones and tablets. So there’s no doubt that people will browse and shop using their mobile devices; it shows that the customers are more likely to use a smaller screen rather than a traditional PCs.

Here are some options that the eCommerce retailers can look at:

  1. The retailers can neglect mobile devices and start relying on the traditional eCommerce solutions that possess large screens and pointer based interface.
  2. They can invest on app development for various platforms because the native applications are an effective solution for some cases of eCommerce.
  3. They can also make use of a responsive eCommerce solution that adapts to the users’ chosen device.

Ignoring mobile devices is not really a wise decision because in the past year, 55% of the time spent with eCommerce was on mobile device. It generated the revenue of about $41.68 billion dollars; so the retailers don’t want to lose such good revenue. It’s also been a trend these days and the mobile devices continue to improve in power and become replacements for desktops.

The retailers have knowledge on the expense of investments to be made on native applications and so they have chosen responsive design as the right solution. The burden in managing a single code base for all the platforms is less when compared to the development of native applications. This helps retailers to ensure a consistent brand experience across all the devices.   

Magento’s responsive design

While selecting a platform to build an eCommerce store, the mobile friendliness and the responsive capabilities are the two important things to be prioritized. Magento is one such strongest platform in this regard. It’s well-known for its responsive design in the eCommerce industry as a Magento application will be responsive to the core.

It’s not just enough if we provide responsive design in product pages; because the greatest point of friction is the shopping cart and checkout experience. You will be aware of its complexity if you have ever tried to negotiate a checkout process designed for a desktop PC. Magento’s checkout process and shopping carts are touch friendly and highly responsive. This helps the retailers enhance their eCommerce conversion rates. That’s why 34% of the responsive websites are based on Magento.

So the mobile eCommerce certainly can’t be ignored if the retailers need to get flourished. It provides the customers with an optimal experience. It also makes the eCommerce store inexpensive by deploying some powerful features.

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